Geospatial issue - Points on a Map - Ambiguous postcodes, but only when a 'color' dimension is added

Hi all,

I’m looking for a sense check on how I am approaching mapping UK postcodes on a map.

I have set up my geo data for UK postcodes (outcode only). These render well, I only have 5 ambiguous records due to incorrect postcodes. No problem here. My county and city data is not consistent enough yet, so I’ve not included those in the hierarchy.


But as soon as I add in a dimension to the colour well, I get 1000s of ambiguous rows, and they all associate with the US (I’m in the UK). No data is displayed.

Has anyone else experienced this behaviour with map views? Am I doing anything wrong, or is this a bug? Thank you

This is a bug, I have opened a ticket for the concerned team to resolve the issue. For now, if you need you can use a workaround to get unblocked while the team is resolving the issue.

  1. Edit dataset
  2. Create a calculated field for Country
  3. Change datatype to “Country”
  4. Add to the hierarchy that you have created
  5. Publish and visualize
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Thank you, the work around is working for me.