Get dashboard parameters (end user POV)

I have to access dashboard data through URL, making use of the URL#p.parameter=12345 format… However I am not the owner of the dashboard and they seem to have left the company somehow… Is there a way for end-users to find out parameters or it’s just lucky trial and error?

Thanks and best regards,
Andrea D.

What do you mean find out parameter’s? You’re saying you can’t access the dashboard unless you get the parameter correct? What happens when you have a wrong parameter?

Hello Max,

Thanks for the feedback.

Let me explain: I have to build a direct link to a dashboard, with a company code parameter that of course can be dynamic according to the information I have.

Now I want to find out, from the end-user perspective, what parameter I should change in order to access information for THAT specific company code, but I have no contacts with the owners of the dashboard so I basicly need to find that information on my own.

I essentially need to know what parameter to use in the URL #p.parameter

Hi @Andreo,

I am not aware of a way to use the URL of the dashboard to find out the associated parameters.

I would recommend transferring ownership of the the report / dashboard to someone who currently works at the company via the API / CLI.

From there, you should be able to gain access to the dashboard to see the available parameters. Please let me know if this works for you.

Correct - there is no guarantee they created a parameter and an associated filter for the field you want to filter on, even if you guessed the name correctly. If the author had used the Advanced Publish Options to Enable ad hoc filtering, then you could add your own filters from the dataset, but without that you wont be able to add a new filter without being the owner. @cmruiter pointed out that you can get yourself added as an owner of the Analysis using API/CLI, or you can have your Admin go into the Asset Management console and transfer the dashboard/analysis to you via UI.