Get data from a csv downloaded from other Analisys


There is an analysis of another team from which we download a csv every day.

Is it possible to create a dataset whose source is this csv in order to use it for the creation of another analysis and make it update automatically?


Hi @lcarlosg

why not using the dataset (or a subset) of the analysis directly?

Sure you can use the csv to create a dataset. But if you want to do it automatically you need a few steps outside QuickSight.


Hi ErikG,

I dont have access to this dataset i only have access to the published analysis :frowning:, so i need to create a connection to the csv.


No chance, that someone can give you access to the dataset or subdataset?
Would be easier then create a full automatic process (from export the csv to update the dataset).

Hello @lcarlosg and @ErikG !

@lcarlosg have you found a solution or workaround for this issue, or are you still running into this?

I agree with @ErikG, that to achieve this automatically would require more than just what is available in the Quicksight console.