Get the min value of a row

Hi, I’m trying to get the min value of the set of values in a row like in the spreadsheet I add, I tried with the min function but it doesnt work. Can someone help me?

Hello @aquintanilla - Thank you for posting your query. I am not sure about the data representation that you have provided. Are these different attributes / measures or they are single measure projected under different dimension values? If you can provide some light on that, it would be helpful.

Meanwhile you can go through the following thread and see if that helps you in anyway to solve the problem.

Hope this helps!

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So each column is a different result for a different test (%Hip flex is one test, %Spinal f is another test) and the values on the row are the results of this test done to different users. So basically the first row are the results of all the test for one person. I want to be able to get the min value of all those test for each person

@aquintanilla - I believe it would be better if the representation of the dataset can be changed to have just 3 columns person, test, result where we would be having each row at a particular person and test level. Once you prepare your dataset like that you should be able to use the minOver LAC function to achieve what you are looking for. The implementation would be on similar lines to the link that I shared in my above post. Hope this helps!

Example → Create the Calculated Field named MIN with the following expression : minOver(Result, [Person], PRE_AGG)

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