Get Top 1 for each time in full time period

I want to show top 5 downloaded for each month but when I do filter top 5 by count distinct, I shows top 5 in total time period which is top 5 downloads from Jan 2023 to Oct 2023.

So for example in the picture each month should have 5 top 5s. Jan has ABCDE Feb ABCFG something like this.

Hello @qsqqs !

Does this visual need to be a line chart? You could achieve this using a visual like a stacked bar chart:


To achieve this you will need to make sure to press the “don’t show other” option in the visual edit menu at the top right of the visualization

Let me know if this helps!

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Hi @duncan,
yes I’d prefer the line chart since I also want to trend.
Thank you!

@qsqqs In addition to filtering Top N, you also need to group on the field based on which you need the Top N as shown in the screen shot here( ORDER DATE). Here is the documentation for your reference:

I hope this feature helps with your requirement.

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