Getting data for this visualization taking too long

I have direct query with a filter to capture real-time daily transaction, the average row return is 6K records. It used to work before until several months ago when this error started appearing.

anybody encountered the same issue, by the way the data source is an RDS MySQL


Hi @ebernardinojr - Can you please check the execution time of the sql in any of the client tool ( MySQL Workbench) and see how much time it is taking to give the result. One suggestion, create an index on the filter column and check the execution plan again and see any difference are there or not. QuickSight is giving 2 mins to give the result, if the sql is taking more than 2 mins, it will error out which make sense.

Please check the details from database end first.

Regards - Sanjeeb

thanks Sanjeeb, will look into this

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