Getting data from 3rd party service in the dashboard

Hey, Quicksight community!

It would be great if you could provide some help :slight_smile:

Current situation:
I have a data source that is formed by querying s3 from Athena.

My data source has a column with identifiers. For each identifier, it is possible to get a name (string) from a 3-rd party service, using its API. The thing is that I need to see these names in my dashboard.

My idea right now is to form a separate data source containing 2 columns - identifier + name and join it to the main data source in the analysis.

Maybe there’s a more elegant and smart way of solving this challenge?

For example, maybe it’s possible somehow to use API of 3rd party service in the calculated fields to get the names when the dashboard is loading?

I will be grateful to you if you provide some smart approaches to this task.

Appreciate your help!

No, you can’t make API calls from your dashboard. I think your idea of creating a separate data source would be the way to go.