Getting dataset refresh error "Error details: FATAL: password authentication failed for user"

Hi Team,
I have couple of Quicksight dashboards where dataset refresh is now failing to update from some last days. and getting failed with error FATAL: password authentication failed for user".
I have owner access to datasets however when i am trying to update the credential by following Editing a data source - Amazon QuickSight
i did not see the data sources getting used. Please help me fixing this issue.

Have you tried to create a new data source with the new credentials and does that work?

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Hi @abisaini - Welcome to “QuickSight Community”. Can you please give the below details.

  1. What is your data source, is it a relational database?
  2. If yes, can you test your connection.

You can get all your connection by going to data sets → New data sets → bottom you can see all connections, test the connections first. If possible please share your screenshot( ensure there is no password, user or pii or pci information are available).
This will help in fixing the issue.

Regards -San

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