Getting error as Nesting of aggregate function is not allowed

HI Team,
Please hele me on this I am getting error as Nesting of aggregate function not .

Here the Elapsed Time SS Min & Max - Calc is ,


@Max please help its urgent.

From the names, it looks like {Start Date Min - Calc} is using an aggregate function (min() maybe?). Might be you have the same for {end Date Max - Calculation}… so, since these fields already contain aggregate function, it is no possible to then pass them into the sum() aggregate function.

It might make sense to use minOver with PRE_AGG level instead of min() and maxOver instead of max() to remove the aggregate function from the inner fields. That should then let you use sum().

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Hi @darcoli & @ Max, I have changed some minor changes on the formula and now its working fine instead of sum I changed it into sumOver .