Ghost headers appearing when transposing table

Hi Team,

I transposed a table visual utilizing swap rows and column functionality, however post transposing some weird ghost lines are appearing in the visual. Please find the image below:

Please guide me in removing these.


Hi @Tanish.Aggarwal - You can edit the analysis, there is a pencil icon should be there and give the header as per your choice.

Regards - Sanjeeb

Hey @Sanjeeb2022 , If i remove the headers through the pencil icon, it would just change the asin/asin_image_hyperlink/asin_hyperlink column not the extra lines that are appearing above the table. To clarify, i want to remove the below lines:


Hi @Tanish.Aggarwal - I tested with data and do not see extra spaces or lines after header. This is surprise to me. Is it possible to raise a ticket to AWS Customer support and understand why it is happening. To raise a ticket, please follow the link -

Hi @David_Wong @duncan @DylanM - Any advise on this?

Regards - Sanjeeb

Thanks for tagging me on this @Sanjeeb2022, this is a really interesting formatting thing. So I was doing some testing on my side for this @Tanish.Aggarwal, and from what I can tell these added lines are a default when using a table and flipping the table columns to display on the left side. I tried altering some of the formatting for the table but was not able to change the lines above the table at all, let alone remove them.

This seems to be a default view for this type of table and might require a feature-request ticket to allow for the lines to be editable.

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Hello @Tanish.Aggarwal, I will go ahead and tag this topic as a feature request and archive it for now. If another issue arises while you continue to build your dashboard, feel free to post a new question in the community so you can be at the top of our priority list. Good luck on your dashboard!