Give access to create new reports but no edit

Hi guys,

I would like to be able to manage access to Quicksight for some users, I would like them to be able to create new dashboards/reports but not be able to edit existing ones or datasets.

Hi @juankobe3! You can get quite granular with permissioning. See the documentation below for all the specifics in handling user access to resources:

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Hi, @todd.hoffman thx for your response. I’m crazy looking for information to do this, but the problem is that there are many security options and I don’t know how they are overridden… For example:
1 - AIM policies
2- Admin/Author/Read Quicksight roles
3- Quicksight Custom Permissions.

I only want to allow users to create new reports but what is already created cannot be edited or deleted.

Hello @juankobe3 , Did you try to share the dashboard with someone as “Viewer” and having the “Save As” option enabled. This will mean granting read only access to the underlying datasets, which is required for the user to save the dashboard as a new analysis. Hope this helps. In case, this solves your query, please mark this as a Solution. Thank you!


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Hi @juankobe3, as well as the solution provided above, you can also restrict what users can do within QuickSight by using custom permissions. These are permissions that you can apply to your QuickSight authors to give you more granular control.
For example: You can prevent them from creating or updating datasets, or sharing assets with other people who might then want to make changes.

If you don’t want people to edit an existing analysis, then you would not share it with them. If they want to copy it and create their own then using the save as option described earlier would allow that.

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