Graph in months on the X axis

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I would like to ask you, how can I make a graph as follows so that it shows the x-axis in Months?

This is an image of another system

Because in Quicksight the date format only allows me to organize it as Month and Year:


I’ve wanted to create this similar type of view with the year lines stacked with Jan - December on the x-axis.

It would be great if the line chart could support this type of view out of the box rather than just display the month value but still consider the year chronologically in the x-axis.

The workaround is to use custom fields to extract the Month and Year values and set the custom fields to type string, rather than datetimes which is what the chart is doing in your view.

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Hi @bkasen, it’s an excellent alternative. With your explanation I managed to create the chart I needed. Thanks a lot

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Awesome! glad it helped @gustavo.gonzalez!