Greetings! I need to implement Amazon QuickSight in three production regions, and I'm curious about the associated expenses. Additionally, I intend to set up three distinct user accounts for this purpose, and I'm interested in understanding the costs asso

Cost of 3 different user per region

Hi @Priyank,

Quicksight is cloud native and pay-as-you go. Pricing is per seat, per account and is detailed here. You’ll want to talk with your Account Manager for more information on pricing and billing.

But for your three production accounts, let’s assume this scenario:
Account A - Enterprise Edition, 10 Authors with a one year commit, 100 readers, 100 GB Spice
Account B - Enterprise Edition with Q, 5 Authors, 20 readers, 500 GB Spice
Account C - Enterprise with Paginated reports, 10 authors, 1TB Spice

I created a pricing calculator, here, which shows the following:
Account A - 680.00 USD per month
Account B - 361.00 USD per month
Account C - 664.00 USD per month

BUT, the pricing calculator doesn’t, yet, include Q or the paginated reports. For Account B add an additional $250 a month for Q base, $10 a month per author, $10 a month per reader and $250 a month for 500 Q questions. So Q adds $700 a month to Account B.

For Account C, add $500 a month for paginated reports.

Total cost for those assumptions across three accounts would be:
Account A - $680 per month
Account B - $1061 per month
Account C - $1164 per month

Hope that helps!


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You alternatively could use a single QuickSight account and deploy assets into three different regions for production, this would probably allow you to save cost rather than paying for QuickSight in three separate accounts.

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