Group by using calculated field

I would like to know if I can group elements by index and companyid taking the maximum element from the weightqualified column

Hi @Joanne

thank you for your question. I guess a Level Aware Calculation might help you.
Can specify the input table structrue and your desired output a bit more?


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I have columns that are very important companyId, bdr, stagename, Peso, index.
I would like to group by companyId, stageName and idex.
Consider the smallest index in the grouping when counting this line in quicksight and consider the minimum weight

Hi @Joanne ,

does your data look like this?

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Do you have a measure called wieght? If yes: does this helps you?

min({weight}, [{companyId}, {stageName}, {index}])



Iā€™m going to clarify my doubt, I want to consider in my analyzes in Quicksight the first items registered in the dataset combining companyid and stagename, I can use the querydata field to check which item was registered first.
I would like to create a calculated field for this.