Grouping fileds based on their name

Hello, I have a pivot table to which I’ll like to add a grouping row on the side that groups fields based on their name, what would be the best approach to achieve this, in the image to the left is my pivot table and the field that I want to create is the yellow cells that contains “metric group 1” , “metric group 2” etc , to the right side is the format in which my data is coming in.
Any idea would be much appreciated , Thanks

Hello @Alex_Vp , welcome to the Quicksight Community!

I was not able to recreate this using the field well options/UI of the pivot table.

That being said, a workaround for this would be using Free-Form layout rather than tiled and creating stylized text fields that could be placed around the rows that you want to incorporate. Below is a rough template of doing this in free form.

One note with this approach is that the rows need to be static for this to work.

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Well , after spending some time trying to look for a workaround wihtout modifying my dataset it looks like this trick is the only solution for now , thanks @duncan