Grouping Headers

I have created a Pivot table showing the quarterly sales for the current year and YoY trend.Fields like -Q3_2021_Actuals , Q4_2021_Actuals,Q3_2022_Actuals , Q4_2022_Actuals and Q3_2022_YoY , Q4_2022_YoY. I would like to have a group header saying ‘Actuals’ under which I would like to show the 4 fields - Q3_2021_Actuals , Q4_2021_Actuals,Q3_2022_Actuals , Q4_2022_Actuals . Similarly have a header like ‘YoY’ under which the 2 columns - Q3_2022_YoY , Q4_2022_YoY. PLease let me know what options I have to do that in Quicksight -Analyse


Thanks for reaching out. To do this you would need to organize the data so that there is a scenario dimension with two entries. One would be YoY and the other would be “Actuals”. You would then use this with your Date Dimension which has values for Quarter and year.

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