Groups and dashboard access

We just started using user groups to manage customer access to dashboards. I’ve created a group called “Facilities”, assigned end users to the group, and shared the appropriate dashboards with the Facilities group. However, when logging in the end users get the attached error regarding restricted data. Do I need to share the datasets with the group? Or is this a separate issue? The group is set up to be viewers and not authors.

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Hi @todd.hoffman While you have referred to “attached” error, I don’t see any attached screenshot. Could you please post the details of the error / screenshot?

Few additional clarifications:

  1. When you say the group is setup to be viewers and not authors, I am assuming what you mean is while sharing the dashboard(s), you have added the group as a viewer and not co-owner of the dashboard(s). Is that correct? Or are you referring to the QuickSight roles (admin, author, reader) of the users who are added in the “Facilities” group?

  2. More importantly, is there row/column level security enabled on the datasets that are leveraged by the dashboard(s) under consideration?

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Hi @todd.hoffman - Like @SD_QS mentioned, you may have to look into the RLS configuration of the dataset used in the dashboard. It seems RLS is restricting access to data for users.


It was RLS- I made a careless mistake in my RLS file.

Hi Todd, can you please help me with how you went about creating a custom user group? I’m trying to do the same but am not seeing options.

Sure. First off you’ll need admin access. When logged into Quicksight click on your user icon in the top right and then select “Manage Quicksight.” Then click “Manage groups” on the menu on the left of your screen. From there you can create new groups and add users to those groups.

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