Groups in Quicksight?


Is it possible to create groups in Quicksight like we have in Tableau? Groups here refers to dataset manipulation and not grouping access permissions.


What exactly do you mean by “dataset manipulations”? Are you asking about this Group Your Data - Tableau ?

QuickSight does not provide the same interface but similar functionality can be achieved by creating a calculated field. For example, if you have “Central”, “East”, “South” and “West” regions and you want to combine “Central” and “East”, you can create a calculated field with expression similar to
ifelse({Region}=“Central” OR {Region}=“East”, “Central & East”, {Region})

Hi Tatyana,

Yes - exactly the ‘Groups’ I was referring to.
I guessed the ifelse statement could work but since I haven’t used Tableau earlier I wasn’t entirely sure if groups achieved something else apart from categorization. Thanks for clarifying :slight_smile: