Guage Chart visual displays N/A when there is no data

Hello All,

Facing a issue for Gauge chart visual . Whenever there is no data in dataset for a particular control and filter gauge chart visual should ideally display 0 or no data . But instead it shows N/A which is not feasible.

@Rohit_Nikam, curios about your use case, in your use case is numeric measure not populated for any of the data rows, are you trying to compare an actual measure column with target value.

Hi @DeepakS ,

Yes we are comparing actual measure column with target value.

Hi @DeepakS ,

You can check for below demo dashboard. Go to details page and select date range to current date. and check visual count of tower and volte percentdrop.

Video 3-06 at 13.30 (1)

Hi Check above video for your reference

@Rohit_Nikam you can use coalesce function to show zero -

Hi @DeepakS ,

Coalesce will work if you have null or blank values but if no data is available then visual should display No data