Hard Limit for SPICE Capacity within One QuickSight Account

Hello QuickSight Experts,

Wanted to get an understanding or information, if there’s any hard limit on QuickSight SPICE capacity for a given account. I have already gone through one of the existing thread and understand that the hard limit is there for a given dataset. However, my question is specifically if there’s any hard limit at a QuickSight account level or we can purchase additional SPICE capacity and stretch the limit as large as possible for a given account as per our need.


Looking forward to your response to get a better understanding. Thank you!

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I haven’t ran into any limit and we have processed a lot of data.

My guess is no… but I do not have an exact answer.

There is a 1TB limit per account per region

Isn’t the 1TB limit per dataset and not per account? Our account has over 3TB in SPICE capacity without any issues.

1 TB is only the soft limit per QuickSight account. There no known hard limits practically, It can be increased to desired capacity, on request.

Thank you! That helps!