Has anyone integrated Quicksight with RUM session recording tools like Datadog?

We use the real user monitoring (RUM) tool from Datadog to record user sessions for review and usability analysis. When a recorded session includes an embedded Quicksight dashboard, the Quicksight dashboard appears as a grey box in the recording. We can see the users clicking, but we don’t know what they are clicking on.

This isn’t surprising. The Quicksight content is contained in an iframe that contains a completely separate DOM from the container app. Presumably to give the RUM tool access to the Quicksight dashboard, we need to include the Datadog RUM Browser SDK in the dashboard.

Has anyone attempted something like this? I know that Quicksight dashboards have a Javascript API, but I don’t know if they provide hooks for doing something like this. Any pointers would be appreciated.

Hello @Granite, depending on how much or what content you want to add from Datadog, you might be able to utilize the custom visual content visual type to accomplish this. I don’t think you need to add any permissions either on the QuickSight end.

Let me know if this helps with what you are wanting to accomplish!

Thanks, we will take a look. Offhand, do you know if there are any restrictions on embedding Javascript in the custom content widgets?

Hello @Granite, I personally haven’t experimented with this feature much, but it doesn’t look like they mention any restrictions related to JavaScript in the documentation. As long as it can be contained in an iFrame, you should be all set!

I think the fact that this widget itself contains an embedded iframe, I suspect this won’t work. My understanding is that we need to inject javascript in the main iframe containing the Quicksight dashboard. But we can experiment and see what we find.

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Hello @Granite, keep me posted on your findings. I am also not certain how that will work out but this seems like the best option to achieve your desired solution.