Having trouble logging into a quicksight account

I’m having issues attempting to login to the amzlbiaquicksight account. I get an error message that reads:

“error”: “Error when authenticating”,
“requestId”: “c660b625-8312-4ef5-a1bb-31e3c3696526”


Hi schwibly, can you try login using console and attach the screenshot of the error you are getting?
Make sure you are entering the correct account name and credentials

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I’m not sure what you mean by console, but I am using my laptop which is the only possible way for me to login. The only credentials I am entering is the amzlbiaquicksight account name. After entering this it takes me to the error I screenshotted above. It never asks me for a password or anything. I have tried to do this whiled being VPN’d in and not on the VPN. Both yield same results.

Hi @schwibly,

Thanks for your question, I’ve messaged you privately to discuss the issue.