Having trouble setting the column width for a pivot table

Having trouble setting the column width for a pivot table… It keeps reverting back to the original column width and cuts off my numbers.

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Unfortunately, today there is no way to keep the column widths static. They get defaulted back to the original width when there is a change the field well etc. We will forward this to the team internally and track it as a feature request.

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Hi Rushabh,

Is there any update on this feature request?

Some of my visuals are unusable as the column width just keep defaulting to a width too wide to use and manually dragging them all to a correct width doesn’t keep them that way when the page is reloaded.

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@Rushabh_Vora Is there any update on this? I am trying to have fixed column width in the pivot tables and it screws up the visual every time when it resets. This would be a really useful feature to have.


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Any updates on this issue?

We use pivot tables in several dashboards and the columns are getting truncated with no visibility into the data due to the column width issue. We had to manually adjust those columns and this issue also does not allow us to automate the process of sending these dashboards to recipients as it needs to be manually adjusted, which is frustratingn especially with the daily scheduled reports. I am hoping QuickSight team will come up with a feature soon that resolves this issue.


Hello @tjardine @n.taylor388 @jayanthvisw_billgo
We just launched the ability for authors to set default column width for pivot tables, ensuring the following -

  1. Set a uniform column width for all value columns effortlessly.
  2. Bid farewell to the tiresome task of manually adjusting individual column widths. Utilize this feature to establish the column width for all columns at once.
  3. Enjoy the assurance that your column widths will remain consistent even after data refreshes with new columns adhering to this default value.
  4. Set column widths precisely in pixels, offering you greater control over your presentation.

Awesome, thank you for the update!

Hi @Bchadha ,

Looks like the column width solution to fix the default column width issue for pivot tables is half-baked as the column width is being applied on the index columns that normally has the metrics and KPIs names (which are normally lengthy than the other pivot table values) as well, which is making this feature unusable at the moment.

Also, if Totals (column) are selected for the pivot table, the column width is not applied - which is another gap in the current feature.

Let me know your thoughts!