HELP how to fix custom aggregations cannot contain both aggregated and non-aggregated fields

I want to create a calculated field (Asset Prior Month) that adds four columns. All four columns are calculated fields. Two first two columns are SUM values and the other two are two (Disposal EV/ICE) columns are custom calculated fields.

Asset Prior Month = {previous_16403}+{previous_16409}+{Disposal_EV}+{Disposal_ICE}.
I get an error: custom aggregations can’t contain both aggregated and non aggregated fields, in any combination.

Hello @baltoman , welcome to the Quicksight community!

Are you able to share an anonymized view of the calculations for {Disposal_EV} and {Disposal_ICE}?

{Prior_Current_16409}-sumOver(sum({previous_16409}),[{period_date},{Category (Finance)}])

{Prior_Current_16403}-sumOver(sum({previous_16403}),[{period_date},{Category (Finance)}])

Hey @baltoman !

Could you try adding the sum function to {previous_16403} and {previous_16409} in the calculated field? So something like the following:

sum({previous_16403}) +sum({previous_16409}) + {Disposal_EV} + {Disposal_ICE}

The other other is summing the 4 fields seperatly and then bringing them together, so something like this:

Calc1 = sum({previous_16403}) +sum({previous_16409})
Calc2 = {Disposal_EV} + {Disposal_ICE}
Calc3 = Calc1 + Calc2

Let me know if this works or not!