Help in debugging a syntax error

Hello ! I am seeking help in understanding the syntax error here
The formula uses Parameters/Countifs and Ifelse

ifelse(${PManager}=‘All’,countIf({Defect ? }=‘Yes’,countIf({Defect? - Inv 1},{Defect? - Inv 1}=‘Yes’ and {Manager 1 SPLIT}=${PManager}) + countIf({Defect? - Inv 2},{Defect? - Inv 2}=‘Yes’ and {Manager 2 SPLIT}=${PManager}))

Basically i want to count a Column if the filter which is connected to Parameter is “All” and if it has specific value in the filter then count something else

any assistance is helpfull

Hi @s4doto - Is it possible to share sample data and expected output. The formula provided by you is not giving more details on the requirement. By saying this, let’s hear from other experts.

Hi @David_Wong @duncan @ErikG - Can you please share your expert advise on this?

Regards - Sanjeeb

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Hi @s4doto ,
first of all, a lot of countif.
In the first countif you are starting with the condition but should be the value you want to count. And if I got it right the else part of the idea is missing.