Hey, I have Agent Name , Branch name , Brokerage name . I wanna add Control that if I select Agent Name Its automatically select the branch and brokerage . How I am supposed to do that?

Hey, I have the Agent Name, Branch name, and Brokerage name. I want to add Control that if I select Agent Name, it automatically selects the branch and brokerage . How am I supposed to do that?

Hello @agni_04, when you say you want the others to be automatically selected I am guessing you mean that the Brokerage Name would be the highest level hierarchy that contains multiple branch names and multiple agent names, am I correct? I know you can set controls to be relevant based on other controls, but this functionality seems to primarily work from the top hierarchy down. Basically, if brokerage is selected, only branches within brokerage will display in the control.

I’ve run into similar functionality issues in my work, and from what I know the top level hierarchies must be set individually unless it is linked to an RLS specification that will only show the hierachy that is accessible based on permissions.

@DylanM But if I select a Agent name then how it’s automatically selects it’s branch and brokerage?

Hello @agni_04, from the QuickSight end I don’t believe there is a way to accomplish this. The dynamic default functionality that is built in is done based on the user perspective not based on a selection made from another parameter.

If you were embedding your dashboard in another application, those values could be updated and passed into parameters upon update with the QuickSight API, but if you are not embedding you dashboards that won’t work for you. I can tag this as a feature request ticket for the time being to try and get this functionality added into QuickSight.

@DylanM But when I get a agent name there is only one branch and one brokerage and that I know what is it … Although is it not possible in Amazon quicksight? I have the all three data in my data base

Hello @agni_04, I understand the frustration on this. I would say you can try to set each of the controls to “Show Relevant Values Only” and select all of the controls for each. If that doesn’t work, there is not another work around I can think of. I’ll go ahead an archive this question for now. Feel free to post a new question if you encounter another issue.