Hidden fields in pivot table should flatten the table

Continuing the discussion from Amazon Quicksight now supports show/hide fields on pivot table:

When a pivot table field (aka column) is hidden, it would make a lot of sense to also flatten the hierarchy, i.e. sorting should no longer happen inside the hidden groups.

Hi @Gabriel_R,
Could you please elaborate a bit on your use case? If you want to remove the hierarchy, then you could simply remove the field from the rows section in the field wells. Also to ensure that we are talking about the same, you are referring to hiding fields in the pivot tables rows section, right?

Depending on your use case, if sorting by your value column without grouping of dimensional fields is your primary goal, a regular Table visual might be the better fit.

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Hi @Thomas

Yes, I’m hiding columns in the pivot table which amounts to hiding them in the wells.

When a column/row is hidden, I’d expect the sorting to be flat.

Like this…

Screenshot 2023-03-29 at 19.16.44 Authorizations KPIs

In the end, I dropped the Pivot and went for a flat table, it’s a lot more intuitive for what I need.

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Glad to hear that using a flat table solved your use case in a more intuitive way.