Hidden Fields when downloading visuals to csv


I want to have fields in a visual that are hidden in the dashboard but included in the csv download of the visual. This visual is not a pivot table.
Is there a workaround about this? If not this would be great to have for every visual type.


This feature is available. When you publish your dashboard, select the “Enable export of hidden fields on supported visuals” option.


Thanks @David_Wong . This is super cool.

Regards - San

Hi David!
Thank you so much for your answer.

So for example in a donut chart or line graph where can I set the hidden fields?
I would need this in visuals that are not pivot tables/tables so I don’t have to have the same data twice but in different visual types

Thanks again

Hi @joana,
I don’t think you can have hidden fields in other visual types, first because there is a limit to how many fields you can add to some visual types, and also because the fields that you add influence how the data is aggregated.


@David_Wong Got it, in my case I’m looking to add extra measures - so my aggregation would not change. And on the dimension side I’m working with filters so adding a column is just extra data without aggregation implications.
I was looking for an export that would mimic what I can configure in the tooltip (where I can add more than one measure or unique value).

I see that this is the way to go to do an exportable visual that contains more than one measure- adding a table visual in the dash

Thanks for the support!