Hide control rules


I want to hide a control if another control is not selected, for cascading drop downs. A week ago I was using Hide control rules, and checking if the parameter was not equal to All, then showed the drop down but it seems it’s not working that way anymore,
Does anyone have an idea how can I achieve this?

thanks in advance

Hi there. Is your control on the sheet, or on the Controls panel on top?
Please see information here on hiding visuals: Conditional rules - Amazon QuickSight

and more information on a related post here:

Hi, @avilap. Did @Asem’s solution work for you? I am marking his reply as, “Solution,” but let us know if this is not resolved. Thanks for posting your questions on the QuickSight Community Q&A Forum!

Hi @avilap, is your problem solved? If not, do you have “All” as one of the parameter values, or you use “All” to denote select all in the parameter list?
And are you an amazon user using amazonbi account? I suspect it maybe related to something we did recently with a feature, but not sure.
If you can provide more details such as a screenshot, that will be great!

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Well I couldn’t figure it out, what I want to do is hide a dropdown until the related one has a different value from all, so in the picture the first one has the default value Select all, then the second one should be hidden until a value had been selected


Hi @avilap,

You can accomplish this using the free-form layout combined with conditional rules as @Asem suggested.

For example:

  1. Select the Free-form layout
  2. Create a parameter for document labels > create a control using your parameter > add to sheet
  3. Create a parameter for document values > create a control using your parameter > add to sheet
  4. Select your Document Values control > click pencil icon
  5. Expand Rules section > Add Rule > select DocumentLabels parameter > create rule as shown in screenshot below
  6. At this point, your Document Values Control will be hidden by default.
  7. When you select any value in your Document Labels Control other than ‘All’, your Document Values Control will appear.