Hide date aggregation from axis label

Hi there, is it possible to remove the aggregation from a date axis label? I have some data which should only be viewed at the ‘Day’ level, and having the chart title show as Date(Day) is problematic.


This only happens to me if I add the timestamp to a visual and don’t change the aggregation.

If you need to change the aggregation you can look to make a calculated field with truncDate

Hi Max, this is perfect- thanks very much!

Hi Max, following up on this for a slightly different analysis (with granularity required to the hour).
So I have created a calculated field using truncDate(‘HH’, {timestamp}), however the data on the chart still automatically aggregates to the day level, which is not granular enough for my purposes. Is there any way to prevent this default aggregation?

Hmm, I don’t believe this is possible. I can mark that as a feature request.