Hide Parameter Control at top of page when Dashboard is embedded


I have a Customer field Parameter at the top of my QuickSight Report Page content, acting as a dropdown filter, in order to ‘view as’ a particular customer when testing and developing in QuickSight. I want to keep this helpful parameter in QuickSight analysis and dashboard blades.

However, when we EMBED the report for end user consumption on web page, the SSO forces user to only see 1 Customer by design. Is it possible to remove Parameter Control at the top of page when it is embedded, since there is only 1 option anyways?


Thanks for reaching out. I suspect you will need to remove the parameter control from the page and just pass in the customer value directly. Adding @KareemAWS_QS to confirm.


Thanks Sean. Yes that is the approach for now.

Does this mean we can have a filter on dashboard and when you try to embed it in your website, we can pass a parameter as a value to that filter so that dashboard is shown filtered but the filter control is not visible to user and hence only sees a custom view of the dashboard?