Hide Pivot Table Value Metric once Row expanded


I have a Pivot table that has 5 metrics in the ‘Rows’ section and multiple ‘Value’ metrics.

Is it possible that once I expand past the 3rd ‘Row’ metric that I can hide a single ‘Value’ metric. Just that once I expand my rows out past a certain point the ‘Value’ metric becomes misleading and unneeded.

Any suggestions and questions are welcome, many thanks.


Hello @riley.anderson, there really isn’t a way to show and hide value metrics based on certain constrains. You can play around with some of the display options though to try and alter the way values are shown. In the Pivot options tab of the format visual options, you could try switching to a tabular layout and playing around with showing the Values as rows or columns. Here is a link to some AWS documentation for using pivot tables, formatting pivot tables, and creating pivot tables. I know it is not the exact solution you are looking for but I hope it helps!

Hi @DylanM,

Thank you for you response. I did think that was the case but wanted to just double check.

I will take a look at the links provided and see if there is a better way for me to display what is needed.

Many thanks.


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