Hide Row wise values and only show as grand or sub totals

Hi Quicksight community ,thank you in advance for any suggestion.
lets se i have a Pivot table in which there a dimension country and states and measure as income,
So I want a functionality that hours for the states should show as blank but in my subtotal it should show the values.
So how can we achieve that

Hey @Arpit6075 ,

could you provide a screenshot how it looks right now in QuickSight. It would also be helpful if you could provide an example how you want it to look, excel or something else would be enough.


please find the screenshot
if you see i want only to show the subtotal value for hours and earnings and row wise value show as null or 0

A solution could be to change the colour of the cells.
Like here:


@robert.eibers thank you so much for your suggestion but there is one problem that if i add another measure in the visual for that measure individual row and total both should show the value ,how should we deal with it.
Because by applying the logic that you suggested it will disappear the row value for all the column ,can you please help on it.

Sorry for the late answer.
I don’t think this is possible, but you could create two pivot tables - one with white Colors for values the other one with dark - and lay them over each other.
Only works in free form.