Hide rows in chart which are empty / display null values

Dear Quicksight Community,

can you please tell me how to hide all cells with the value null in my pivot table?
I don´t know why there are shown null values anyway after the cells were empty the previous months before.
For my case it would help very much if there is a null or an empty cell for the whole row in my chart to completely hide this row.

Any ideas how to solve this?

Best Regards

Hello there,

Please see the older post with similar issue Dealing with "empty" cells in QS - #2 by darcoli

May be you get some idea to filter out null/empty

hope this helps.

thanks for the hint, but I don’t want to rename the empty / 0/ zero cells.

Simple example:
I want to create a report for a year on a monthly basis for employee salary components.
If there is no cost for a salary component in a month, the cell should be blank or show a “0”.
If there is no cost for a salary component in all 12 months of the chart, the salary component should not be shown at all for the employee.
There is no need to display this salary component if there are no costs for the entire year.
If there are costs for the salary component in at least one month the component should be displayed.

Any idea to solve this?

Why is there sometimes a 0 in the cell and why are cells without values sometimes empty?

Thanks for the help

Hi @de.schmidd
are these lines also within your dataset?
Are there any calculations on the shown fields?
Looks like there is something in the data. Because in Feb are no zeros and in Mar are.
Did you already check the decimals? Maybe it is a 0,000000001.

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