Hide/Show Specific Visualizations and Sheets/Tabs based on User


Is there a way to configure access for specific visualizations and sheets based on the user?
For example, I want to show 3 Sheets if it’s User A but 4 Sheets if it’s User B who is an admin.


Although sheet specific security is not available, a workaround for this is to implement row/column level security in source data. Perhaps what you could do an aesthetic across your dashboard is to put all visuals and their associated dataset with which you wish to implement security on a specific sheet so that way you do not have some visuals displaying data, and others not.

Column Level Level Security (CLS)

Row Level Security (RLS)

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Thanks Reid! I am aware of CLS and RLS. Unfortunately, I am looking for a way to hide a specific visualization or sheet based on the user login. Is there a backlog ticket for this feature?

Hi Jianxu, we currently support this for visuals using conditional rendering and parameter - see example in Send personalized email reports with Amazon QuickSight | AWS Big Data Blog

We don’t currently support this at a sheet level - will look into this as a feature enhancement for the future.

I’d like to make a feature request about this - the ability to show/hide sheets based on a parameter.

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Thanks Corey. This has been marked as a feature request


Hey there! Is there any update on this? I would love to have related functionality, where a template can be created off an analysis, having filtered sheets out of the creation request.

Hey there! Is there any update on this? This feature would come very handy for my team pre peak. TIA!