Hide/Show visuals and tabs based on user

We would like to see if is possible to automatically show or hide certain visuals based on user type (let say basic , standard , premium)without having to share a different dashboard for different type users.
Statement should be like if current user type = premium then show this visual.
I have have read the documentation about using conditional rules using parameters but I’m not sure the way it works can achieve this result.
The data source is a MySql direct query using rls.
Thank you,

Hi @Dom,

You can use Row-Level and Column-Level security to restrict access to certain elements to users or groups of your dashboards and reports.

The workshop shows how they work, and you should be able to find some videos on YouTube as well.


you need a dataset with all your users and/or groups where you define the category.

Then you create a parameter and use dynamic default. This way you give the parameter a value, depending on the user/group.

Then switch to free form mode. There you can go to the settings of a visual and look at the menu “rules”. Check the option, that the visual is hidden by default and then add a rule.
Choose the parameter you created and as a value you choose basic/premium/etc. depening who is allowed to see the visual. You can add multiple rules, so multiple user types can see the visual.


Thank you I’ll try setting this up.
It worked thank you very much!