Hide table columns based on conditional rules

Has anybody found a way to hide a column in a table based on conditional rules. What I am trying to do is hide certain columns based on the different parameter settings. Right now I am creating every possible combination for the table and hiding the whole thing so that only the table containing the relevant columns from the controls is showing. However not only is it really time consuming, I also have > 30 options so I can’t even put them all on one sheet. Anyone found a workaround?

Thank you for your request. Currently we do not have a way to hide columns in table based on conditional rules, but we will let the concerned team know about this request.


Only workaround might be that of having a set of calculated fields whose content depends on parameter values that are set.

Example if you have a parameter $p1 with a control whose values can be SALES, REGISTRATIONS, NONE. Then you can add a calculated field called c1 as follows:

ifelse($p1 = 'SALES', sales, $p1='REGISTRATIONS', registrations, null)

This calculated field’s value will show either the sales or the registrations depending on the selected control value (or null if NONE is selected).
In the Format Visual pane, you could also override the column name with <<$p1>> so that the column name reflects exactly whatever is chosen in the control.

thank you, I appreciate it!

Thank you, I have used this workaround, in the past I was hoping to avoid it as its not the most visually pleasing but I think I’ll probably go this route.