Hide Tabs in multisheet dashboard while embedding in Angular

Our dev team is helping us hide QuickSight tabs in a multi sheet dashboard while embedding them in an Angular application.

We noticed that there was a parameter in AWS SDK 1.18.1 that goes like this in the code while passing the options variable

sheetTabsDisabled: true:

var options = {
        url: "https://us-east-1.quicksight.aws.amazon.com/sn/dashboards/dashboardId?isauthcode=true&identityprovider=quicksight&code=authcode",
        container: document.getElementById("embeddingContainer"),
        parameters: {
            country: "United States",
            states: [
        scrolling: "no",
        height: "700px",
        iframeResizeOnSheetChange: false, // use this option in combination with height: AutoFit, to allow iframe height to resize dynamically, based on sheet height, on changing sheets.
        width: "1000px",
        locale: "en-US",
        footerPaddingEnabled: true,
        sheetId: 'YOUR_SHEETID' // use this option to specify initial sheet id to load for the embedded dashboard
        sheetTabsDisabled: false, // use this option to enable or disable sheet tab controls in dashboard embedding
        printEnabled: false, // use this option to enable or disable print option for dashboard embedding
        undoRedoDisabled: false, // set this option to true to disable undo and redo buttons for dashboard embedding
        resetDisabled: false, // set this option to true to disable reset button for dashboard embedding
        defaultEmbeddingVisualType: TABLE // this option only applies to experience embedding and will not be used for dashboard embedding

However, the latest SDK (2.6.0) no longer carries this argument while passing the sheetOptions or contentOptions.

I am wondering how is this deprecated in the latest version, and also do you know any other workaround to tackle this? Our goal is to hide the tabs so we are creating an alternative navigation mechanism using QS actions > Navigation Actions. our new navigation looks something like this and we no longer want to show native QS tabs,

any help is appreciated! Have a great day!

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Hello @Shawkath_Khan, welcome to the QuickSight community!

It seems like the functionality for this is still available but the identifier was changed. After looking through the documentation, it seems like this is what you want to use:
The singleSheet property can be used to enable or disable sheet tab controls in dashboard embedding.

Search this documentation page for sheetOptions and you will see the singleSheet identifier I am mentioning. If you turn this to true, then the tabs on the sheet should be removed. Let me know if that helps!

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Thank you @DylanM , it worked!

Appreciate your help on this.

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Hello @Shawkath_Khan, I am glad that resolved the issue. Thank you for following up!