Hiding certain visuals in Analysis

Hi. Can I know if there’s a way to hide certain visuals from appearing in dashboard when the analysis is published?

Use case: for us to publish the analysis while hiding certain visuals that are still being developed/ no data available for it yet.

I am using the tiled layout type.


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Hi @sabmz - As per my knowledge there is another way which I know this can be possible.

Step 1 - You can create 2 sheets (Sheet 1 and Sheet 2) - In Sheet 1 you can put all the completed and developed visuals whereas in the Sheet 2, you can start building new visuals and the one that has no data.

Step 2 - While publishing the dashboard, you will have an option to select the number of sheets that you want to display on the dashboard (refer below image). You can just ignore the Sheet 2 here.

This is just an alternative. I know this might give you a bit double work like when your Sheet 2 visuals are ready you need to copy paste that to Sheet 1 etc…

Let me know if it is helpful!

Quicksight expert @Sanjeeb2022 can give his thoughts too!

@sabmz - Thank you for posting your query! While @shravya has already highlighted one way to hide the entire sheet, in case you are looking to hide certain visual; I can think of a scenario where you can try to leverage the Free Form Layout. You can trick QuickSight by creating a parameter and setting a default value so that it will always satisfy the “hide” criteria and that should allow you to hide those visuals. Please go through the following link which can give you implementation ideas around it. Hope this helps!

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