Highlighting one dot in scatter plot

In my data there are 2 numeric columns, each with some measurement. For example for several different tables I have a measurement of the length and width of the table.
I want to put the width of the table on the X axis and the width on the Y axis and then select a specific table (by ID) and highlight it without aggregating the other tables.
I tried to create a Table_id parameter and a calculated field ifelse(${Table_id}=Table_id,“selected”,“others”) and put the variable as Group/Color but then all the values of the tables that are not selected are summed up (both on the X axis and the Y axis).
How can I solve it?


Instead of returning “others” return the table_id.


Then for your colors mark the chart as your “others” color.


And for your “selected” make it some color you want.


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Hi @PninaBarak .

Hope the solution provided by Max works for you .
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