Highlighting the specific value

I want to change the minimum value of the net price column to green. However, when I try to do it in conditional formatting, it asks for a value to enter. But there’s no specific value to enter because I need the minimum value, which would be dynamic. How can I do it?

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Welcome @Viji to the QuickSight Community. Thank you for posting your query. There’s a way which you can explore to achieve what you are trying to do. I am trying to depict an example implementation of the same using sample dataset.

Step 1 : Consider the Sample Dataset where we have 2 columns - Country and Sales. The requirement is to highlight the minimum Sales with Green background color.

Step 2 : Create a Calculated field named Minimum Sales Identifier with the following expression. Here we are trying to identify the minimum Sales and then comparing it with actual sales and marking the relevant minimum sales record with a text identifier i.e. “Minimum”.

Step 3 : Create a Conditional Formatting on Sales column based on “Minimum Sales Identifier” column with the following settings.

Step 4 : Finally Hide the “Minimum Sales Identifier” column accessing the menu option.


Step 5 : Sample Output(s) for various dynamic scenarios

Please play around with the expression and settings according to your situation and dataset. Hope this helps!

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Hello @sagmukhe,

Thank you for answering to my query. I did try what you have suggested but in my case it is not working as I expected. I have explained my expected result here:

Here, you can see the value 799 on Dec 9 on BestBuy.com, but on Nov 30, the value was higher at 1598. So, the minimum value is 799. I want to highlight that minimum value. It should work across dates. Is this possible to achieve?

Hello @Viji and @sagmukhe !

@Viji were you able to find a workaround for this issue?

I believe @sagmukhe’s solution should work across your date columns, how have you set up your conditional formatting?

Hello @Viji !

Were you able to retry @sagmukhe 's suggestion or could you share how you set up your conditional formatting?

Hello @duncan,

I couldn’t be able to do it across dates. Here is how I’ve done it.

I have created pivot table using the dimensions and values given in the field wells:

Then I created calculated field named MinPriceIdentifier using the following syntax:

Then I applied the following conditional formatting:

Hello @Viji, thank you for following up with the work-around you built for this functionality. I’ll mark you above response as the solution. If you have any further questions on this, please post a new topic in the community and link to this topic. That will ensure you are at the top of the priority list for a response from one of our QuickSight experts. Thanks again and sorry for the delayed response!