How are you setup for embedded development?

We are starting development on a QuickSight embedded implementation. Our developers run a local iis instance of our web application for development purposes. These development machines are not joined to any domain. It looks like the ‘Domains and Embedding’ screen wants a domain for machines that access QuickSight.

For our developers, how should we setup QuickSight access while they are doing embedded access development and testing?

The domain in “Domains and Embedding” does not refer to a Windows domain but rather to the domain part of the URL which you would access to launch your embedded QuickSight session.

The developers are using local iis instances where the domain part of the url is either the local machine’s ip or the machine name. Since this is not a true public domain name, I did not believe that they can set that ‘domain’ up in QuickSight? During development, their local iis instance is where any service calls to QuickSite will originate from. So how do they get the local iis instance approved to make service calls to QuickSight while they are doing development?

Can they put a dummy domain in their host file that resolves to and whitelist that domain in QuickSight?

Hi, @DRK. Did @darcoli’s solution work for you? I am marking their reply as, “Solution,” but let us know if this is not resolved. Thanks for posting your questions on the QuickSight Community Q&A Forum!

@DRK , QuickSight supports only HTTPS requests. Or if you have an EC2 instance where your web app is hosted, you could provide your EC2 id under “Embedding and Domains”