How can I add dynamic pagination for table report in quicksight interative sheet

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I am trying to add dynamic pagination for my table report but I could not find a way how can I add proper pagination for my data in data table report. Is there a way through which I can embed pagination for my report against total records and apply limit filter to show only that number of record on every page and divide total number of records accordingly?

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Are you referring to a table like below screenshot but you want to make the number of items per page to become dynamic?
QuickSight don’t have this feature yet. Can share a bit more about the use case and purpose? thanks


Yes I want to enable pagination to the table as you have shown but I have not been able to find a way to enable it in interactive sheet. Breifly I want my report paginated.
Here is how my table look like:

When I try to create a tables, it always show a pagination, but seems it is not showing in your screen. May I check with you if the visual type is “Table”, what does it show if you have more number of rows?

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Thanks @royyung your assistance helped as I was getting a very few records from the Custom sql.
I checked this by getting large number of records from data source. When the records we recieve are more than 100 then we get this pagination option by default.

But my question was whether we can add this behavior manually like if we have only 50 records and we want 10 records per page?

At AWS, our roadmap is primarily driven by our customers. Your feedback helps us build a better service. I have tagged this as a feature request.