How can I calculate Mode (the most common value) in QuickSight?

Hi, I can see median, mean, percentiles and std deviation. But is there a way to calculate MODE (most common value)?


Hello @Eleri , thanks for your question.

I understand that you want to calculate the MODE using Quicksight.

In this case you will need to create a calculated field and use a combination of distinctCountOver and max functions :


For example to count the mod accross the SKUs of AWS services in cost and usage report you can use:


Hope it helps, otherwise let us know.

Happy dashboarding!

Hello @EnriqueS. I am also trying to calculate the mode from a set of values and came across this question. However, from what I can see this solution is actually providing the maximum value rather than the mode. The modal value should actually be 19 as it is the most frequently seen. If you could offer any advice on how to get the desired outcome that would be great. Thanks.

Hey Jamie,

Have you received any further information on this? I was looking at this and noticed it was not the mode either and I am trying to do something similar to what you wanted to accomplish.

Thank you!

Hi Logan,

No I didn’t manage to get this working in Quicksight. I ended up doing the calculations before feeding the data into Quicksight. I would still be interested to find out if this is actually possible to do in Quicksight though.

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