How can I color a barchart based on a measure(gradient color) and not on a dimension

I’m a new quicksight usercoming from Tableu and I was wandering if there is a way to customize colors of a barchart according to a measure and not on a dimension like suggested in the filed weels.



Hi Fulvio, Please refer to below link and let us know if this helps.
You can edit the dashboard and look at the calculation by using the edit icon on top right.


Hi Fulvio,
For bar charts having more than one value you can also set color for measures by simply right clicking on the corresponding measure and choosing the desired color though the context menu

thanks very much for answers. Unfortunatly I was looking for a different solution.
I have a large dataset where I need to show the coversion rate in a barchart. In the same chart I want to highlight sellers that deal with large amount of lead.

A solution might be using conditional formatting as suggested but I feel like it’s just a workaround. I have a large set of data and I would prefer not choose thresholds to put sellers into conditional categories.

Thanks very much