How can I decide what gets grouped into the "other" category in a stacked line chart?

I have a stacked line chart showing numbers (Sum) on the y-axis plotted against dates (Split_part) on the x-axis, with these numbers grouped by category (Budget) into different colours. There are more than 25 categories, and so large numbers of the categories are grouped together by QuickSight in the “Other” category/colour. You can see an example of this here:

However currently the categories are being ordered alphabetically, and the “Other” category just includes all categories after the 25th category alphabetically; this means many trivial categories are shown with their own colour, while many larger categories are grouped into “Other”. I would instead like the categories to be ordered by their total Sum, so the 25 biggest categories will be shown on the chart, and everything after these will be in the “Other” category - i.e. to minimize the overall size of the “Other” category - is this possible?

I think I could work around this by renaming the categories by size in my query, so these will be named like 001 - largest budget, 002 - second largest budget etc, so alphabetical ordering would become equivalent to size ordering - but would rather avoid this if possible, if there’s a better way.

Unfortunately you can’t sort the colors. So I don’t believe this is possible. I can mark this as a feature request.

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Thank you, this would be a useful feature to have then - for now I’ll see if I can make my workaround work for my use case