How can I pass the filter values to the .NET core API?

How can I pass the filter values to the .NET core API

do you mean passing filter from .net application to a QuickSight embedded dashboard?
if yes, you may use this QuickSight Java script SDK.
We also have a demo environment showing coding on how to embed. Can see if it helps?

Embedding demo: QuickSight Developer Portal
QuickSight JavaScript SDK: GitHub - awslabs/amazon-quicksight-embedding-sdk: A SDK to help users embed QuickSight dashboards on other pages.

No, I want to pass QuickSight dashboard filter values to the .Net Core api

not sure if I can get it correctly. would be great if you can describe with an example.

There is a new feature that QuickSight can support embed call back action. Developers can now register to datapoint callbacks (ie. slice in a pie chart, bar on a bar chart) through the Embedding SDK. They can then pass the information about that datapoint (ie. value of the slice) to other parts of their application or other services in their workflow.

Details can be found in here Add embedded callback actions at runtime in Amazon QuickSight - Amazon QuickSight

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@royyung We have a QuickSight dashboard with multiple filter options embedded in our angular code, we want to generate a custom pdf report out of this dashboard, for this we are planing to write our own api to generate the custom pdf report, this api will need a the filter values selected from the QuickSight dashboard, so we need a solution to pass these filter values to the api we are planing to develop.

@amolpandav1211 you may use below API to pass parameter to a Paginated report and export csv file to S3. Then you may use the csv file to create a custom PDF