How can i remove my own user account?


I’m just getting started with using QuickSight and it created an account for me. To remain on the free tier I want to remove my account and let another engineer continue working on this project. How do I remove my own account? The user management has a delete button next to the other engineer but not next to my account.


Hello @campo - Welcome to the community! Can you please check out the below links and see if this helps you out. Hope this helps!

Did my suggestion help you in resolving your query? If yes, would request you to mark the post as “Solution”. This will help the community to find guidance and answers to similar question. Thank you!

Thanks @sagmukhe but unfortunately these don’t help.

Your first link i’ve tried and I can delete other users, but not my user.
The second link is about deleting an entire account and not a user which I don’t want to do.


Hello @campo - Thank you for your response. If you have any other user (having Admin access) in the same account, I believe he/she should be able to login and access the manage users section and delete your user id. Let me know if that works out.

is there a way to request a feature with AWS to allow users to remove their own account?

Hello @campo - I don’t have adequate information on that. I am tagging some of the AWS QuickSight Team members, who perhaps can help you with your query. @gillepa @spaluri @Kristin @Koushik_Muthanna - Can anyone of you please share your thoughts around this? Thank you for your help and support!

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@campo @sagmukhe Thanks for reaching out. We have tagged this with “feature request” for visibility for our team.

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