How can I set permission level on a "Shared Folder"?

I’ve created a folder within my department’s folder. I want to allow my team to move retired dashboards / analysis / datasets into this folder but NOT allow any users to READ these files. How can I accomplish this?

You could manually share this folder with anyone who should have access - anything in it won’t be accessible by anyone with whom you do not share this folder with.

However probably it is better if you use groups (using createGroup and createGroupMemberShip api calls). Then you share the folder with the group for your team and then you just add people to these group and they get access to this folder and any other resources shared with this group.

When I create a folder, it appears to “inherit” permissions from the folder above it and I can’t seem to make that stop.

Permissions on folders are inherited from parent folders to any child folders. Can this be a different shared folder altogether?

It seems like the functionality you looking for is not currently offered by QuickSight. Please feel free to add more details so that we can better understand your use case

Specifically, how can I “hide” dashboards / analysis from all users while still being able to get at them again, if needed (e.g. retired due to non-use, then find out it’s actually needed to be moved back to Prod). Could I delete the dashboard and keep the Analysis? Would that work?

If you only share dashboards with your users, then yes deleting the dashboard is a way making a dashboard unavailable for your users - while still being able to publish it and share it once again in case you need it again in the future.