How can I share my Dashboard with non-AWS people through SSO login?

Is there a way to share a dashboard that non-AWS people can access, especially those external to an organisation?

If anyone has experience doing so, I’d also be happy to reach out and talk through private message :slight_smile:


Hi @ShayShay

You have two options in this scenario.

1- If your account is configured to ’ Use IAM federated identities and QuickSight-managed users’ then you can add users from outside you AWS organization based on their email - then share a dashboard with them.

2- If there is no desire to create users for this dashboard consumers the only way for them to access would be to embed with anonymous access in another application. One key requirement for this is to setup account for capacity pricing (vs default of per user pricing). Below please find some documentation on anonymous access.

If you have any further questions of follow ups please feel free to respond here or send me a direct message.

thanks and regards!
Ramon Lopez

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Hi there, really grateful for your answer :slight_smile:

I’m quite interested in the first option. When you say outside of my AWS organisation, will they still need to have an AWS account?

Also, if I carry on with this, would they have access to just the Dashboard I want them to have access to? Or will they also have access to the analyses, datasets, etc. (which is what I don’t want).

Thanks in advance!

Hi @ShayShay

These individuals do not require an AWS account - they are ‘quicksight-managed users’. Please note that as expected they will incur additional costs (either per user or per session/capacity, based on your your account setup)

These quicksight managed users, as readers, will only have access to dashboards shared with them. You can use quicksight groups to manage folders/dashboards to be shared with these users.

Will mark this thread as solved - if you have further questions please feel free to send me a DM.

Hope this helps, regards!
Ramon Lopez

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